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Hayu Tanya is a Business Management Consulting Company based in Bandung that has been providing solutions to clients since 2021 and the founder has 20 years of experience in various corporate backgrounds. From pharmaceuticals, textiles, mining and retail.

Our main target clients are traditional companies that always want to be professional companies. Or those who are just starting a business (MSMEs), and who need to prepare their company fundamentals.

We offer an impressive professional consulting service experience that is fully customizable for your business. Whatever your needs, we can make it happen. Contact us today
Company Size : Small (MSME, Number of Personnel < 25), Simple Organizational Structure

Newly established companies or companies with the MSME category. Priority for Financial Strategy Services , as well as ERP implementation that focuses on financial reporting, so that it can support accelerated decision making. Performance Management can begin to be applied with a simple assessment, for example: PA (Performance Apprisal) based on the assessment of superiors and colleagues.

Company Size: Small - Medium (MSME, Number of Personnel between 25 to 500), Complex Organizational Structure 

A growing company with a large increase in sales turnover. Priority to improve Financial Strategy Services and ERP implementation which is more complex and multi-functional. Selection of a more qualified ERP for business development for at least the next 5 years. Simultaneously with the fundamental formation of Process Management and Performance Management . Making job descriptions in the form of Organizational Development services  can be done to clarify the responsibilities between functions.

Company Size : Medium - Large  (Company > 10 years, Number of Personnel > 500), Complex Organizational Structure

An established company but experiencing some problems in terms of organization. Can choose the form of services needed, tailored to the needs of the company. Or use the mentoring services of the CEO/GM.

For more details, can be seen in the Our Services menu.
In addition to consulting services, Hayu Tanya also provides mentoring services for business owners/CEOs/GMs in terms of revamping multi-functional companies. For assistance services, you can directly contact us.
One of our visions and values is that, apart from consulting services, we also provide long-term value learning (education) to companies, so that collaboration is formed that can be tailored to the client's needs (within a certain or indefinite period of time). So companies can be more flexible in cooperating with us.

Come on, let's talk.

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