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We offer services that are routine or non-routine. This includes project handling at the beginning before the business is established or in the process of establishing business fundamentals.

The steps we will take are:

  1. Conducting initial stage interviews with client needs, measuring the size of the scope of work. Including the process of recognizing both parties,  included in the problem of the suitability of the methodology to be carried out.

  2. Determine critical points that must be prioritized for work.

  3. Hold a final meeting to determine the scope of work and work time.

The length of this process depends on the infrastructure and client needs, with a maximum limit of 2 meetings.

All of our services can be tailored to the needs of the company, and are currently limited to the following scope, and to find out more, press the title of the service below: 

What is meant by financial strategy is the process of revamping the Finance & Accounting department in terms of reports, work processes and approval policies so that reports made by this department can be more strategic for the benefit of the company. Not only for profit and loss reporting purposes only.

Improvements made starting from the basics (improvement of COA, documents, approval flow, process improvement to prevent fraud in financial transactions) to preparing financial data structures for ERP/Integrated System implementation.

The establishment of a good ecosystem in the IT field is very important in the current digitalization era. Mapping the health of the physical infrastructure owned by the company, the feasibility of the software capabilities (including software optimization)  in terms of decision making, process simplification, and potential cost savings). 

We assist in the formation of FBP ( Flow Business Process ) for the medium to long term according to the company's needs, so that the fundamental formation of the IT ecosystem can be developed in accordance with the company's business development.

One of the factors that need to be considered in business development is organizational development, so that business expansion can be well supported by the organizational foundation. 

The scope of this organizational development is the development of the HRD department system including the creation of standard job descriptions, structure descriptions and MPP (Man Power Planning) analysis.

One of the important things to pay attention to at this time is how the competence of human resources in the company develops in line with business needs.

The application of the assessment is very important, how the assessment can be dynamic and objective according to the needs of the company.

Handling of human resource performance assessors in the form of PA (Individual Performance Apprisal), KPI (Key Performance Indicator), BSC (Balance Scored Card), OKR (Objective Key Result)

Preparation of company documentation in the form of standardization of work processes, company policies and/or inter-departmental authority arrangements in an existing business process.

Including, revamping (if the client already has good documentation) through the process of controlling/checking existing documents and providing input to the company

This assistance is specifically for companies that are experiencing a change in top leadership, and/or companies that are making cross-departmental improvements so that they require a form of assistance that is not specific to 1 business area. And or in the area of business development, complex project management or other needs.

Hayu Tanya limits the amount of this assistance to a maximum of 2 companies at the same time. This is to increase the effectiveness and productivity of mentoring.

For this service, you can directly contact us

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