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Process Management is one part of the company's fundamentals ( See: Organizational Development ).


Business growth will increase the number of transactions in quantity, which will have an impact on increasing data, communication and information traffic. One of the toughest tasks is how far the company can measure the effectiveness of this traffic within the organization. Is it as expected? or even create bottlenecks in business development.


Most companies do not know that the regulation of data, communication and information traffic can have an impact on:

  • Financial Losses , in the form of repetitive processes that cause wastage in the existing infrastructure (eg paper, time, etc.).

  • Non-Financial Losses , in the form of conveying wrong information that can hinder decision making.

  • Corporate agility , in the form of loss of flexibility and speed of the company in facing business challenges, both internal and external.

What we will do is  :

  • Create/document, analyze processes, implement, maintain and improve the effectiveness of existing processes within the company based on current and future business needs.

  • Synchronize processes between departments so that inter-departmental linkages and interactions become more effective, preventing repetition of work in an existing business process.

  • Determination of criteria and methods required by the company for document control processes and/or process control.

  • Provide input and justification to the company if it is felt that action is needed to improve existing processes so that there is an increase in continuous process improvement.

Forms, Manual Documents, Reports

Work Instructions, Work Guides, Equivalent Documents

Quality Policy, Procedure

Quality Goals, Management Commitment

Automation of work processes is an advantage of process management, which will have an impact on accelerating the process because rules, ways of communicating, sharing information, and documentation are allowed to circulate within the company.

Service Code


Rates by scope  


The scope and cost of investment work depends on:  

  1. Organization size

  2. Process complexity and interactions between processes

  3. Personal competence in the company

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