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Performance "Money" can be measured by calculating the feasibility of financial statements easily. The rate of return on investment can be known at any time.

But it's actually unfair if the "money" performance appraisal is completely seen from the financial statements alone. There are other factors that are actually no less important in terms of optimizing the company's "money", including:  

  1. Short term (1 year) and long term (minimum 3-5 years) business plan

  2. Competence of personnel within the company in decision making

  3. The company's supporting infrastructure.


Vision, Mission, Target


Short - Medium Term

Business Plan/Budget

Performance management is the application of performance appraisal to all stakeholders and the existing infrastructure in the company, both from the financial side and from the operational side. So that it can be seen how far the company's resource empowerment is, what causes process failure, how to solve it and what improvements must be made.  

Performance management is one of the most important fundamentals in the company so that the company has a competitive edge that continues to grow in line with business demands (see - Organizational Development)

It is very important when the preparation of performance management must increase the level of competence of internal business actors and the effectiveness/efficiency of the infrastructure involved in the business process.

We can help companies to

  1. Create a work plan or performance management measures based on current needs. Maybe starting from the implementation of a simple PA (Personal Apprisal) to the implementation of the KPI as a whole.

  2. Making the concept of assessment according to what is needed

  3. Performance appraisal assistance.

Service Code


Rates by scope  


The scope and cost of investment work depends on:  

  1. The current state of the performance appraisal mechanism.

  2. Number of personnel who will carry out the assessment process.

  3. Frequency that will be carried out to carry out the assessment

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