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Komitmen Organisasi

Diperbarui: 20 Jan 2023

Committing to the company is like making a new marriage life.

You spend 8 hours everyday working day and deal with everyone there.

The ideal ide is that working should make life better. Not the opposite.

Then after several days, weeks, years, you start feeling some “annoying” things that you think need something better.

That now condition no longer gives you happy working days.

Your starvation in negative things start to crawl and you will feel happy when people around you think the way you think.

And then you convince that this is the end and you need better jobs, better workspace.

The fact is making something better (workplace) is not like kinda one-way communication.

You have to make yourself better first, you have to deal with yourself, you can’t be negative to pursue something better.

You need to be positive to become better.

We should deal with the fact that we are PART of the company.

The option for better or worse is also affected by how we act in the company.

Do Not ask for something better in the future, if you can’t act nice in the “now” situation.

Remember, better things will happen when you do positive behavior.

Life is a hard but it won’t hurt us if we continue to make ourself and others get better.

You don’t quit for something better. You have to quit for being negative


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